Tips to enhance your drone's flight time

Consumer quadcopters like the AR.Drone 2.0 are fun because they allow you to take to the sky, engage in aerial photography, and explore hard to reach spots. However, these devices also use up a lot of power, meaning that you won’t get much flight time—maybe a half hour, or so—before you have to bring your drone back to earth and recharge the battery. Use the steps below to try to get a bit of extra flight time out of your device.

Step 1
Remove any skins, stickers, or branding materials from your drone. For instance, versions of the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 include a snazzy yellow and blue skin along the hull of the drone. Removing this branding sticker will make your drone look a little less cool, but it will also cut down on unnecessary weight, which will in turn boost your drone efficiency and flight time.

Step 2
Look into purchasing a battery pack upgrade for your drone. Some brands and models of drones offer improved batteries that will extend the flight time of your device.

If you can’t find a battery upgrade, consider just purchasing an extra battery or two to take out with you into the field. That way, you can have several fully charged batteries ready to go at any one time. When your first battery runs out, you can simply replace it with a fully charged one. Of course, this won’t extend your continuous flight time, but it will allow you to plan lengthier outings for using your drone.

Short battery life and flight time are among the more substantial complaints that consumers have about their personal drones these days. These problems will begin to disappear as battery technology continues to improve over the next few years. Until then, you can use the steps above to at least partially rectify the issue!