Tips to Maximize Quadcopter Battery Life and Flight Time

For a quadcopter pilot, there’s no buzzkill as extreme as a dead or low battery just when you are getting in the groove of your flight. If you are using your copter for mapping or photography, a dead battery can be even more problematic. Luckily, there are ways to maximize the battery or save yourself from having to go home sooner than expected. Use the steps below to get the most out of your battery.


Step 1
Upgrade your batteries. Most quadcopter manufacturers make more powerful batteries than the ones your drone was shipped with, and they are worth investing in if you fly frequently. Look at the specs for your quadcopter to get the battery capacity in mAh, and then search around online for a similar battery (same size and general type, and obviously meant for your copter), but with higher mAh. You will immediately notice a longer battery life.

Step 2
Some pilots have tried DIY solutions where they buy two batteries for their copter and create some sort of makeshift harness to hold the second one in place—in parallel to the first—so that they are both providing power to the drone. If you’re feeling creative or experimental, give this a shot.

Step 3
It’s tempting to try to add pads or other protective elements to your drone to make it “crash-proof.” However, this increase in weight and bulk will also increase the stress on the motor, which will in turn kill your battery more quickly. Instead of looking for crash-proof improvements, just fly your copter in a safe, wide-open area and focus on secure flying.

Short flight times are the bane of many quadcopter pilots’ existences. Luckily, there are ways to extend and maximize battery life—albeit, slightly. Use the steps above to do just that.