Tips to Use Personal Drones Legally

The only problem with a new drone is that you may not be sure what the rules are for using one. After all, commercial and military drones have both been in the news. Keep the following steps and rules in mind to avoid any potential illegality for drone use.

Step 1
When you pull your new drone out of the box, the first thing you should do is read the instructions. Learn how to fly the thing safely. As long as you can avoid hurting anyone or causing any property damage with your drone, it’s likely that no one is going to bother you about drone use.

Step 2
Make sure you’re flying in the right areas. A wide open field with almost no one else around is ideal. Don’t try to fly around on crowded city streets, or worse, by an airport where your drones could feasibly get in the way of actual manned aircraft. In short, use your common sense.

Step 3
Look up state, city, county, or neighborhood ordinances that might restrict the use of remote control aircraft. If you don't know where to look, contact local officials. Don't fly your drone if you have any questions about its legality.

Step 4
Keep you drone within your line of sight at all times. Don’t try to see how far or high you can fly the thing, and then let it get away from you. Doing this could cause you do fly your drone into areas where it shouldn't be.

There is a stigma against drones, but personal drones can be great tools for photography or toys to personal enjoyment. Just make sure you are thinking about safety when you take to the skies, and that you know your local laws before taking them out to fly.