Tips to Win Races in Real Racing 3

Want to win races in Real Racing 3? Here are some tips:


1. In Cup Mode: At the start of a race, don’t take the inner side of the track. Everyone will want to use this to get an advantage. You’ll either be blocked by cars or damage your car by ramming others.
2. In Elimination Mode: In this mode you can take the inner side of the track as the number of vehicles will be lesser than the Cup mode. You can immediately take first place by using this advantage.
3. In Drag race:

Be sure to do the Perfect shift. A ‘Good shift’ will not be very useful on the last moment of the drag race. So, always try to do a perfect shift.
4. Choose the best car: Always take the best car you can. And remember that the fastest car is not always a good selection. It depends on the race type. So, choose the best match depending on the race type.
5. Don’t Always Repair: If you don’t need to repair the cars badly, then don’t do it. When it reaches the minimum health only then repair your vehicles..
6. Try to avoid collisions:

In racing games ramming other cars seems to be fun. But in Real Racing 3 it will hurt you. If you want to keep your car’s health full or want to win then overtake other cars and avoid colliding with them. Avoiding collisions will also offer some bonus points.
7. The control assist: Try different types of control assistance. And among them choose the one which matches your playing style. Don’t play with unfamiliar controls.
8. Be clever when upgrading: When you want to upgrade your car, be decisive. If you upgrade the engine then try to upgrade the tires. Try to balance your upgrades.
9. Top speed:

Always, try to achieve the top speed on the straight part of the track.
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