Unlock a Windows 8 Laptop

People lock their computers all the time. Maybe...

[listNum]■You set up your computer to prompt for the password when it comes out from the screen saver.
■You may have put your computer in sleep mode, and when you press its power button to wake the computer up, you are prompted to provide the password.
■You may have hibernated Windows 8, and when you restart your computer, you are asked to provide the password to unlock the operating system.
■You may have locked your computer on purpose before leaving your seat. (In order to lock your computer, you can press the Windows + L keys simultaneously.)

If your Windows 8 computer is locked and requires you to provide the correct password before it allows you to gain access to the operating system, you must follow these steps:

    ■Assuming that your Windows 8 laptop is already turned on and in the locked state, in the password protected window, provide your password in the Password field.

    ■Once done, press Enter to go to the Start screen.
    ■From the Start screen, click Desktop to display the desktop window.

    ■Once you are on the desktop screen, you can start using your laptop normally.