Update Your Samsung Galaxy Gear on a PC

Due to the regularly released operating system updates for your Samsung Galaxy Gear, you'll want to keep your device updated with the latest OS. The task can become easier if you use your PC to do so.

The instructions given below guide you through the step-by-step process of updating your Samsung Galaxy Gear using your PC:

    ■Log on to your Windows PC.
    ■Open any web browser.
    ■Download the Samsung Kies desktop software from this link.
    ■When downloaded, follow the on-screen instructions to install Samsung Kies.
    ■If prompted, reboot the system.
    ■After rebooting, connect your Samsung Galaxy Gear with your computer using the dock and the data cable that shipped along with it.
    ■From the navigation pane in the left, make sure that the connected Galaxy Gear is recognized by Samsung Kies.
    ■When the Firmware upgrade box appears, click Update.
    ■Read through the Caution popup box, and check the I have read all of the above information checkbox.
    ■After this, go to the Agreement to Collect and Use Information section and click to select the I agree radio buttons representing Agreement to Provide Required Information and Agreement to Provide Optional Information.
    ■Once you are on the Caution: on upgrading page, check the confirmation checkboxes and click Next.
    ■Wait till Samsung Kies downloads the upgrade components from the Samsung server.
    ■Once the firmware upgrade is complete, Click OK on the Firmware upgrade complete box.
    ■Finally, disconnect Samsung Galaxy Gear from the PC and restart it to use the device with the upgraded firmware.