Use Google Assistant to Answer Anything


Over the two years since it launched, Google Assistant has become a really powerful tool for every Android user. It can do a huge number of things and can really make your everyday chores easier. From setting reminders, remembering things, to telling you directions to places and finding tv shows, there’s not much the Google’s AI can’t do.

You can literally use the AI for anything and I really mean anything. Even if it doesn’t do what you asked, it will probably be able to at some later date, and it’s not like you can break it, so go all out.
That being said, here are some examples that will show you that you can use Google Assistant for anything.

    ■ First things first. Open your Google Assistant by holding the Home button on your phone or by saying “Hey Google”.

    ■ You can ask any math question like Root of 243 and you’ll get your answer.

    ■ You can ask it the distance to Mars or any other location that comes to your mind. For example, Distance from home to work will give you the distance and the estimated time to get there by car. You’ll have to enter your work and home address first in your settings before this particular command will work.

    ■ Also, you can ask for directions with Directions to “name of the place” or Directions from “name of the place” to “name of the place”.

    ■ Google Assistant can also answer any geography questions like What’s the capital of “name of the country”.

    ■ It can also tell you random interesting facts if you just say Interesting facts.

    ■ In other words, you can ask your assistant pretty much anything. It will always tell or show you something so feel free to ask whatever comes to your mind, you can’t go wrong.
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