Use Multiple Numbers for Call Forwarding in Skype

Just like traditional mobile phones, you can also configure call forwarding in Skype. By default Skype allows you to configure a single mobile number to forward the calls. This way every time any contact in your Skype contact list calls you while you are away, the calls are forwarded to the specified mobile number. In order to enable and configure call forwarding in Skype, you must have sufficient Skype credits that you can purchase online.

As discussed above, as per Skype’s default configuration, you can specify a single mobile number to forward the calls to it while you are not at your desk or not using Skype. Apart from this, Skype also allows you to configure multiple mobile numbers to forward the calls. When multiple mobile numbers are configured in call forwarding, the Skype missed calls are forwarded to them in a sequential order waiting for the specified time duration for each mobile number.

For example, if the auto answer duration is set to 15 seconds, and a missed call is forwarded to the first specified mobile number, if the call is not answered within 15 seconds, the call is then forwarded to the 2[super]nd[/super] mobile number that is specified in the list. The same is the case if the 2[super]nd[/super] number is not available or does not respond to the call for 15 seconds, the call is forwarded to the 3[super]rd[/super] mobile number in the list.

Skype allows you to configure up to 3 mobile numbers in the call forwarding list, but the auto answer duration for all 3 remains universal.

Below is the process that tells how you can configure Skype to accept up to 3 mobile numbers for call forwarding:

    ■Log on to the computer with correct credentials.

    ■Ensure that the computer is connected to an active Internet connection.

    ■Initialize Skype application and use the correct credentials to sign in.

    ■Make sure that your Skype account has sufficient Skype credentials.

    ■On the opened interface, go to Tools > Options.


    ■On the opened Skype Options box, from the left pane, click to select Calls category.

    ■From the expanded list, click to select Call forwarding option.

    ■From the right pane, click Call forwarding options link.


    ■From the displayed interface, click Add more phone numbers.

    ■Check the Forward my calls checkbox.

    ■Type the desired mobile numbers in the available fields.


    ■Once done, click Save to save the changes.

    ■Finally click Close.

    ■If required, restart Skype to allow the changes to take effect.

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