Use the Coconut Wheel to Boost your Candy Crush Score

The Candy Crush Saga game craze continues and players can use a special candy to help boost their scores. The coconut wheel booster is a very powerful one that has many different uses. Coconut wheels cannot be created in the game. They appear only in levels involving ingredients; one where you must get cherries or nuts to come down the board.

In order to access the coconut wheel, you need to swap it with another candy. Beginning with episode 17, the coconut wheel can appear out of a mystery candy. In episode 18 and onward in the game, you can find the coconut wheel under the marmalade at the start of any ingredients level.

The coconut wheel is a made up of a licorice center surrounded by pink candy. It will start spinning and turn the three candies next to it into striped candies and activate them. You can mix the coconut wheel with different candies to get even bigger effects. For example, if you combine the coconut wheel with wrapped candy, the entire row turns into wrapped candy. This can help you break up blockers and bring down more ingredients.

You can combine a coconut wheel with a color bomb, too. The coconut wheel will turn an entire row or column into striped candies. The color bomb will then detonate them all. If you combine two coconut wheels, you can perform this detonation twice. It is similar to two color bombs, only much more effective. As you will find out, combining the coconut wheel with other candies will help boost your score.