Using an Android Smartphone, How To Set Administrator Duties on a Facebook Page

Creating an interests list on the Facebook account using an Android phone is a bit tricky.

Since the mobile version of Facebook is loaded every time the Facebook page is opened on an Android device, you do not get the Create List button to create the interest lists. In order to create a Facebook interest list using your smartphone, you need to open the PC version of the site on your Android phone itself.

Here’s how:

    ■Power on the Android phone.
    ■Once the phone is unlocked, tap the Menu button to open the apps list.

    ■Open any of your favorite browsers on your phone. (E.g. Google Chrome in this demonstration.)

    ■In the browser’s address bar, type the URL.

    Note: If you are not already signed-in to your Facebook account, you will be automatically redirected to the Facebook login page where you must provide your login credentials before proceeding any further.

    Note: Notice that ‘’ is replaced by where ‘m’ represents the mobile version of the site, and ‘www’ is the standard PC version of the given URL.

    ■As soon as you sign-in to your Facebook account, you will be redirected to the above URL automatically. Once the above page opens up, tap the Create List button.

    ■On the displayed dialog box, select the desired pages to add to the new interest list.
    ■After selecting the pages, tap Next to continue.

    ■On the next page that opens up, specify a new list name in the List Name field.
    ■On the same interface, configure the desired privacy options from the Who can see this list section. You can pick any one from the available three options namely Public, Friends and Only me.

10. Once everything is in place, tap Done to complete the interest list creation process.