Video Clips that I Cut in Xilisoft are Too Large in Size

Xilisoft is so far, the best video conversion software that you can find on the internet. Numerous people use this software so that they can convert video clips into desired format. Its user-friendly interface lets you to convert videos into any format without a hassle. There have been a few instances where people observed that the size of the video clips that they converted with the help of this application was too large. It is normal if you are using any video conversion software and Xilisoft is not an exception.

Well, this is on account of maintaining the same audio and video quality of the converted clip that such output file is bigger in size. Such output files occupy too much of space on the drive. It won’t pose any such problem. It’s just that you will have to be satisfied with storing lesser number of videos on the drive in which your converted video will be stored. This happens with all video conversion software applications that are available on the internet. This is not such a big problem to worry about. By decreasing the size of the converted clips, you can save enough space for storing other videos as well without compromising with the quality of the concerned output file. If you want to save the extra space occupied by the converted file, you can easily save it. Xilisoft has got a solution for this problem as well. Now, what you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned hereunder:

    ■Log on to the computer using any account.

    ■Click the Xilisoft icon to open the program.

    ■When Xilisoft interface opens up, you will be offered with three main options, i.e. Join, Split and Cut.


    ■Click Cut.

    ■Click the button carrying a + sign to open the video file.


    ■A small window will open up in which you have to browse and select the video file you would like to convert into any other format.

    ■Once you have opened the clip, cut the clip by clicking on Cut option in the bottom right corner.


    ■On clicking the Cut option, a small window named Output Settings will open up that will require you to alter the preferences as desired.

    ■Select Convert to another format.

    ■If the format of video file is other than MPEG-4, Select MPEG-4 format as the desired format. This will help in decreasing the size of the file.

    ■From the Video Quality and Audio Quality drop-down list, choose NORMAL or LOW.


    ■Click OK to save the settings and to start the conversion process.

Now, you’ll see that the converted video has become smaller in size and will occupy lesser space on the drive. The audio and video quality will be good enough for you to enjoy the video. No matter for whatever device you are converting the video file or in whichever format, you can control the size of the converted clip by adjusting its audio and video quality.
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