What is Tablet Rooting?

Can Anyone Tell What Rooting A Mobile Or Tablet Means And What Its Benefits Are?

In simple terms, rooting a device means gaining administrative privileges on your smartphone or tablet. It is a process through which you get the privilege to alter the system configuration or applications made available by the manufacturer. Once your mobile or a tablet is rooted, you can now make changes in the device, and customize it according to your requirements. As you have now become super user, you can alter as well as replace various features and applications as per your choice.

In short, it can be said that rooting is a method to overcome the restrictions which are imposed by the manufacture on the device. You not only get the administrative access, but you can also make many changes in the apps that directly communicate with the hardware of your device. System software that cannot be frozen or blocked normally can be modified easily after rooting your tablet/mobile.
Rooting is a specialized task and should be performed only by the people who have decent knowledge about Android devices, and are capable of completing the process successfully. Incomplete rooting process may brick (corrupt) your device, hence making it permanently unstable. Therefore, unless you are familiar with the complete rooting process, you should not involve in it or you may also lose the pre-installed configuration of the tablet/mobile.

Although rooting is a tricky process, there are plenty of benefits that the users can enjoy on the rooted devices. Some of these benefits include:-

  • Better Applications – There are some applications which work only on the rooted mobiles and tablets. Therefore by rooting your mobile/tablet, you can easily explore these applications and enjoy them on your device. Some popular applications are ROM Manager, Root Explorer, screenshot apps and lots more.
    More Themes – You can install better graphic features and themes that enhance the overall appearance of your rooted device. You can give a unique look which is not otherwise possible on the unrooted tablets or mobiles.
    Smoother Performance – A rooted mobile or tablet ensures better speed and higher performance. It is because you have the option of removing unwanted apps, or flashing a custom ROM on your device altogether. Altering the kernel version can also bring a huge difference to your device.
    Custom Software – One of the biggest benefits of rooting a mobile/tablet is that you can install the unsupported software. With the help of some sophisticated features in new Android OS, you can easily customize the device, and explore a wonderful experience with your tablet.
    Longer Battery Life – By modifying the settings of the device manually or through the apps, you can enhance the battery life to make your phone/tablet remain up for longer duration.

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