What to do if your smartphone doesn’t recognize the Samsung Gear

If your phone does not recognize your Samsung Gear then there is a solution. In this tutorial we will write every step you will need to make so your phone and Samsung Gear VR can work together. The process is not complicated.
There are multiple solutions for this problem that you can try, hopefully one of them will fix your problem.
First back up all your apps and data because you will be losing some in the process.

Solution 1. Update your phone to the latest version

  • ■ Check for updates, because your phone needs to be updated to add the Gear VR Service for it to be detected and the setup to start.
    ■ If you have no updates available, you should wait them until they are published for your Carrier.
Solution 2. Install a new firmware

  • ■ Go to this website - http://www.sammobile.com/
    ■ Find the proper firmware for your smartphone that includes the Gear VR Updates
    ■ You may find watching this YouTube video worth it for additional help:

Soludion 3. Run the Setup for GearVR via Quick Shortcut Maker