Which Network Adapter Should I Choose While Starting Sniffer in HIDOWNLOAD?

Although the user interface of the HIDOWNLOAD application is very intuitive and user-friendly, it still uses some technical terms that may sound like French to many non-technical or novice users.
HIDOWNLOAD is an efficient download manager that is also capable of downloading the files once their URLs are used to start the downloading. Apart from this, HIDOWNLOAD can also sniff the streaming videos from the tube sites, and can automatically start downloading the online videos if the application is configured that way.

In order to use the built-in sniffer that the HIDOWNLOAD has, you are required to tell the application as which network adapter (LAN card) is connected to the active Internet connection from where the external data enters into the computer.

After initializing HIDOWNLOAD on your computer, the program also asks you to start the Sniffer so that it can automatically detect the streaming videos, and can download them for you. In order to initialize the Sniffer that the program has, HIDOWNLOAD prompts you with a box from where you are required to choose the network adapter that is connected to the Internet. If your computer has multiple network adapters installed in it, the entire list of adapters will be displayed.

In most cases, especially if you are using a laptop PC, at least two network adapters would be displayed in the list. The first adapter would be the wireless Ethernet card, and the second would be the wired network adapter which might or might not be connected to a cabled network. In your case, it is you who better knows which kind of network media you are using (wireless or wired connection). The best way to decide as which network card you should choose when starting the Sniffer in HIDOWNLOAD is to check which LAN card has been assigned with the IP address. Any active network adapter with a properly assigned IP address will probably be the one that is connected to the active Internet connection, and you are required to select the same adapter while starting the HIDOWNLOAD Sniffer program.

Here is how you can get the job done:

    ■After logging on to the computer with the administrator account, right-click the HIDOWNLOAD application’s icon.

    ■From the displayed context menu, click Run as administrator.

    ■From the displayed User Account Control confirmation box, click Yes to continue.

    ■On the opened interface, click Yes on the Start Sniffer box to allow HIDOWNLOAD to initialize the built-in Sniffer program.

    ■From the displayed Adapter List box, from the available list of adapters, click to select the one that has been assigned with the IP address.

    ■Once selected, click the Select the network adapter and startup Sniffer button to finally start the built-in Sniffer program that the HIDOWNLOAD application has.

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