Trophies awarded to doolittle

Best Answers

  1. Mentor (200 points)

    Receive 100 Best Answers.


  1. Steel (200 points)

    Post 200 Messages.
  2. Iron (50 points)

    Post 100 messages.


  1. Ancient (8K points)

    Your seniority is proof of your authority. You are an Ancient member and been with us for 7 years. Congratulations!


  1. Liked (5 points)

    Nice Post. You got a like!

Laptop Tech Support

  1. Laptop Tech Support Expert (50 points)

    You're a Laptop Tech Support Expert with 10 Best Answers in the Laptop Tech Support Category.


  1. Audio Master (500 points)

    100 Best Answers in Audio, recognizes your mastery of audio knowledge.


  1. Windows Master (500 points)

    100 Best Answers in Windows , recognizes your mastery of Windows knowledge.

Drones & Robots

  1. Drones & Robots Authority (100 points)

    You're considered the authority in drones and robots. Congrats on your 50 Best Answers in the Drones & Robots category.