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  1. L

    my samsung galaxy 10.1 wont connect to my pc via usb

    my samsung galaxy 10.1 P7500 wont connect to my pc. i think the computer or either the usb has problems. it doesnt say anything when i connect it to my pc and it doesn't charge. pls help me, (my brother removed internet from my tablet and now im downloading things from the laptop then i transfer...
  2. T

    Samsung 10.1 Tab help - Android 5?

    Hi Guys, I'm a novice with software on tablets and have a Samsung 10.1 Tab - Model GT-N8010. I use a lot of apps on it for work and recently one has stopped and insists I need Android 5 to run it. I've tried updating my software but it says its fully updated at 4.1.2. Its essential I use...
  3. M

    Software update message? What???

    I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 n8013 from 2012 and its still running 4.1.2. Extremely out of date, but I'd need a step-by-step guide and video to upgrade with those custom ROMs. I just had a message popup about a software update. I thought the 2012 tablets got left behind! Can anyone tell me what...
  4. M

    Nextbook 10.1 screen malfunction?

    A friend of mine has a Nextbook 10.1 tablet, and he said he had accidentally set his book bag down a little too hard with the Nextbook inside of his bag. The device will now not turn on. I have managed to remove the back covering and attempted to reseat the battery, but the device still won't...
  5. Spike UrAss

    about refurbished tablets

    hi i want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition throw amazon so can i get a refurbished one due the the different price between it and new ! like 100~200$ lower ?! am i going to face problems with it or it already tested and working by Samsung !!? is it worth to get the new one instead...
  6. I

    [Q] HELP PLEASE!! Unable to install Android 4.4.2

    Hi, thanks in advance. I followed this tutorial, (Here) , to install 4.4.2 on my device, however, I had a problem. When in clock work mode recover, I did all I need to, until I tried to install the operating system, and I got status 7. This I found out was because I had the wrong version of...