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    Laptops that DONOT get hot or sound like a plane?

    Is there a list anywhere of laptops for gaming that DONOT get as hot as the sun and sound like a jet engine starting up? Imo if it fails in these to categories it’s NOT fit for purpose and therefore cannot be classed as a gaming laptop, i don’t want to spend £2000 on a laptop to find it has...
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    For the same price 7700k and 1050 or 7300k and 1050ti (gaming notebook)

    Hi everyone! My friend asked me to help him to find a good gaming laptop for his budget. Its less then 1088USD (280000HUF) I find 2 laptop. ASUS ROG GL553VD-FY009 (7700hq, gtx1050, 8Gb ram 2133) for 1088USD Lenovo Legion Y520 (7300HQ, gtx1050ti, 8Gb ram 2400) for 1070USD It's for gaming, he...