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  1. emlit

    Solved! How Best to Move Away from 5s

    Considering a) my wife's 5s took an inadvertent bath, b) we're out of our current contracts, and c) Verizon is running a decent Mother's Day promo, I need advice for upgrading our old 16GB 5ses. I don't want to spend a ton of money, so what's your take on the following options: 1) Take...
  2. MrKillChill

    GoPro Hero+ LCD support a 128gb microsd?

    Hi just bought a Toshiba Exceria M302 128gb thinking that it will work on a gopro hero+ lcd ,will it? I bought it today (for £13) off ebuyer and thought that it is a great deal.I can return it tommorrow because today's a bank holiday. I've seen online people using gopro hero3's that support 64gb...
  3. msproject251

    32gb iphone good or bad?

    I recently bought an iphone 7 32gb instead of the 128gb, I got it for way cheaper. Was this a good choice?
  4. R

    Hp stream 8

    I have a few questions about this tablet. 1. The micro SD says max at 32gb, but can it go higher like 128gb? People have said 64gb, but I can't find anyone who used 128gb. 2. Anyway a game like need for speed most wanted 2012, on lowest settings could play? I have played a few games from steam...