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  1. FarNerdy

    Which is better? Toshiba Chromebook 2 vs. HP Stream 13

    Hi all, I've decided between the two machines listed below based on my budget ($350 max) and needs, and just want people's opinions on whether one is better than the other and why. I only need a VERY basic machine to do some web browsing, streaming videos, listening to music (Spotify and...
  2. N

    What is your pick for a good university laptop?

    Hello everybody, I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but I wanted to make another thread so I can get some updated suggestions. The main characteristics I'm looking for are: - Very thin and lightweight - Good keyboard and trackpad - All day battery life - Long lifespan - ~13" screen size...
  3. T

    Best 13 inch Laptop for $500 (Laptop FAQ included)

    I’m looking for a portable, 13 inch-ish, laptop that will be used mostly for web-browsing and word processing in the $500 range. I’ll do some light gaming (browser games, Hearthstone, and the like) and coding. I have a desktop that covers true gaming and editing-type needs. I don’t really...