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    Question before buying a Lenovo 320s

    Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap laptop with decent components, and the Lenovo 320s (i5-8250U) caught my attention. The thing is, Iv'e read a review saying that this laptop performs worse then other models that use the same processor (from other manufacturers), since Lenovo limited its power...
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    14" inch laptop under 800€

    Hi all, So basically I was in need of a new laptop (though I wanted to wait for the AMD Raven Ridge APUs), but now my 7 yo laptop decided to die on me so I have no other option... Can anyone help me find a laptop with the following specs?: CPU: Intel i5 or i7 (U version for longer battery...
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    Laptop needs some "warm up" before I get sound

    Hello. it's been months now and I have been facing this problem. When I open my PC, device manager says that there is no audio device present. After using my PC for like 30 minutes or so, and then reboot it, device manager now detects sound. Sometimes it works for a while and then my sound is...
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    14" vs 15.6" Laptop

    Hey guys i'm in a tight situation here where i've narrowed my 2 laptop choices to this http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/asus-asus-k-series-15-6-laptop-black-intel-core-i5-4210u-1tb-hdd-8gb-ram-windows-8-1-k555la-bh51-cb/10327011.aspx?path=62f49c4071dc1fa960a660308d589c34en02 and this...
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    Alienware 14 blurry text

    I just received my new Alienware 14 notebook and have almost finished getting it set up to my liking, but I have noticed a subtle yet annoying problem with some of the text and icons. What happens is some of the text appears blurry. More specific it looks almost like how it would if you were...