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  1. andrew.kastor

    Dell inspiron 14z screen bouncing/flickering

    It's been doing this for months, when i use the laptop with an external screen such as my TV it stops bouncing on the main screen and doesnt do it on the TV at all, but when i un plug the HDMI cord it starts bouncing on my laptops screen. Additional notes: my laptop is the version that only...
  2. S

    Laptop won't boot? No beeps? asap!

    I have a dell studio 14z that i was given for free that was missing a hdd, ram, and a bad cpu. I got 8gb ddr3 ram and i7 820m and a intel 520 solid state drive. at first i was getting the bad cpu/processor beep code (7 beeps).When I put the new cpu/processor in and it was still getting 7 beeps...