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  1. S

    4K Screen replacement for Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition

    Hello guys, just wondering where I can buy and find a 4K screen replacement for my Acer Aspire V15 Nitro laptop, mine is the 1080p model but there is a model with the same specs with a 4K screen and would like to upgrade my screen to that. I would also not mind having new bezels and hinges etc...
  2. K

    ASUS X555LB ram upgrade to 16gb?

    I am planning to upgrade me new ASUS X555LB 8gb ram to 16gb ram. The Crucial website http:// and the official Intel Ark says it supports up to 16 gb of ram. What do you think? Is it risky to update? If no should it be the same brand if I buy a new one? Thank you for the answers! :)
  3. Memento

    Surface Book 8gb ram vs 16gb ram

    Hi, I'm planning to pre-order the surface book, and I've been searching around for opinions on weather or not I need 16gb of ram, or if 8gb is enough. I found quite a few post about this kind of thing, but none about the surface book specifically, and most of them were 4+ years old. I will be...