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  1. B

    Question Please, help me to choose a laptop

    Hello! I'm trying to choose the most suitable variant. I need a laptop for video editing, in DaVinci Resolve (not only for this, of course, but it's the most demanding process). And I want a convertible, a 2-in-1, because it's very comfortable for me. Now I'm choosing from 3 variants. New...
  2. C

    Looking for a 2in1 solution (student)

    Looking for a 2in1 laptop/tablet. Im a student so I wont use more than office and the internet on it, however I want the os to run smooth and the option to build in a ssd. looking for something not bigger than 13" and my price range is upp to 400usd. So far Ive been looking for hours and found...
  3. S

    Should I buy the Asus Vivobook Flip 12 64GB eMMc version or the 500GB HDD version?

    I am looking to buy a recently released 2-in-1 laptop in 2018 and decided to settle for the Asus Vivobook Flip 12. I am trying to decide whether to buy the 64GB eMMc version or the 500GB HDD version. Personally, I prefer something like a SSD (the eMMC) because it has a faster boot time and load...
  4. Trustdesa

    ASUS T100TA vs Aspire Switch 10.1 SW5

    Hi Guys, I have a trusted Nexus 7 however more and more times I find that Tablets with Android are completely useless for too many things except browsing the web and emails so I am looking to get a Windows 8.1 tablet for when I am out and about. I am a gamer but of course I am using my desktop...