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  1. M

    Question Headset microphone (AUX) doesnt work!

    My new gaming-headset (astro A10) includes a microphone. It has one single 3.5 mm stereo plug. My laptop has two 3.5 mm stereo input (one for audio, one for microphone). I have an adapter(splitter) making the connection between laptop and headset possible (two 3.5 mm stereo plug, one 3.5 mm...
  2. D

    Question using pc as an external audio input/output source for android smartphone

    I was replying to an 2018 thread by mltco78dhs but by the time i finished writing it became "solved", with the "solution" being "nope you can't do that duh" and i thought that's not good enough. the original discussion was about if using pc as an external audio input/output source for android...
  3. dudunnpesto

    Question 1 RCA to 1 3.5mm Jack?

    So i got a pretty dated car and it has 2 RCA ports, R and L audio. And i need to connect an AUX 3.5mm jack to the car, so i found this Single RCA Male to Double AUX Female adapter. Will it work plugged into just one port (ex. R port) And will the sound come out normal?
  4. drago10029

    Need Information: Modding PC Gaming Headset to standard 3.5 mm jack

    Hey people, so what I want to do is modify my PC Headset and change the connections so that the audio & mic 3.5 mm jacks will only have one single 3.5 mm male connector that effectively allows mic and audio. Basically what you would get from most headphones with mics these days. So this is...