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  1. O

    $300-$320 laptop that can run CS:GO on low settings (50-60 fps)

    I know that there aren't any gaming laptops for $300 but I want a good laptop that I can watch YouTube and play CS:GO at 50-60 fps. Please don't say that "No laptop can do that". I want a solution. Thank you
  2. M

    Please help me choosing a gaming headset!

    Hey tomshardware! I'm looking to buy a good gaming headset (very preferrably with mic) for a budget, and I wanted help on some stuff I've been wondering. First of all, I've been looking between the Plantronics Gamecom 388 and the CMStorm Ceres 300, which one do you guys think it's better...
  3. HandsomeComputerMaster

    Filming and Editing

    I am in need of some really inexpensive equipment for filming and editing. I am looking for a CHEAP laptop, CHEAP cameras, CHEAP green screen, and CHEAP software. As you can probably tell, I need things cheap. I would like to get all of this equipment under $300. If you find anything, please...
  4. T

    Should I buy a $300 Macbook or a cheap Windows laptop?

    Hi, im am interested in buying a new notebook for school. All I will be doing is using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Steaming HD videos via hulu netflix and youtube,browsing the web, and using applications like google earth and all of my school work. Their are 5 Macbooks I am looking at, 2 are...