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  1. R

    Video Playback Preference

    I am looking to get back into making some YouTube videos and was wonder... What is every ones viewing preference? 1080p @ 60FPS Orrrrr 4K @ 30FPS? Any and all feedback is highly appreciated!
  2. ChaoticWolf

    Possible to turn 30fps recorded video in 60fps?

    Let's just say that I got my camera that natively records at 1080p 30fps or 24fps. Is it possible to turn that recording into 60fps? Like any video that's pretty much lower than 60fps? I know obviously rendering 30fps or a little higher video than 60fps will just be adding frames that won't be...
  3. H

    GTX 1050ti running minecraft on 30fps..

    laptop runs minecraft on 30fps max, i have no idea why. first the game was running on the integrated graphics at 60fps max, i then switched it to my gtx 1050ti and was getting 30fps max. my specs are i7 7700 8gb ram 1tb hd + 128gb ssd gtx 1050ti any ideas why this is happening?? i have also...