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  1. S

    5.1 System connected to TV;Blu-ray or Receiver

    Hi guys,here is my big problem ! I have a Samsung Smart led TV ( UE32F6400 ) and i use it to watch 3d movies(i plug in the usb with the movie ). I have also a 5.1 audio system and it's for PC (those 3 green cables out of it) which is connected to the TV through headphones with 2 adapters,so,of...
  2. Koushick Talukdar

    Do I need an expensive HDMI cable for a 3DTV?

    My dad bought a 3DTV even after i repeatedly told him not to since its a waste of money even though he got it from the black Friday deals. He also went and bought a £40 HDMI cable because the sales assistant said the sale wouldn't be complete if he didn't buy, but he has the option of returning...