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    Home Theater gets shuts down when i increase the volume

    I have 5.1 Home theater system, 1 year old. It has all basic features like Bluetooth, Built-in Fm and other. Recently i figured out that when i increase the volume to 10 the system gets shut down. I checked all the internal connections everything is fine but i am unable to fix it. This my...
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    F&D 3800x 5.1 speaker's connection problem

    F&D 3800x comes with one rca-to-3mm jack and three rac-to-rca jacks. The rca-to-3mm jack is used to connect the 5.1 speaker with mobile phones or laptops - it works as an AUX input. three rca-to-rca jacks are used to connect the 5.1 speaker with DVDs or DVD like devices. How am I supposed to...
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    Need help with hooking up 5.1 Speakers

    Hi. so i recently bought a pair of new unused 5.1 speakers. The problem is they didn't come with a Amplifier/Receiver(they were replacement for a broken Receiver, but the company sent the speakers as well) and since they use Speaker wire to connect. I can't plug them into my PC. so I have had a...