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  1. Senpos

    Solved! Budget Headphones for Rock-music

    Hello. I am looking for headphones under $50. 90% of the time i will be listening to rock music on my PC with no external sound card. I have found so many good reviews about Superlux models, but i can't choose, there are to many of them. Most popular ■ Superlux HD668B (imp: 56) - $38 ■...
  2. A

    Best Featured Laprop under 50k - No Gaming

    I want to buy a featured laptop under 50 k. I only want to play low level games like fifa 14. Please suggest me ..
  3. cannabishead

    HPN 5039 Samsung Plasma. Dark picture with pink snowy fuzz. Pics included

    Hey guys so I have a 50" plasma (samsung hpn 5039). It's been giving me hell for the last month or so. It turns on fine. Has no problem staying on but the picture is horrible. It's dark, fuzzy/grainy and has what appears to be pink snow that takes up most of the top left portion of the...