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    Intel HD 5500 Slower On Other Laptop??

    So I just upgraded laptops from an Acer Aspire E5-571-53s1 to a Dell Latitude E5450. They both have Core i5-5200u's with HD 5500. The only differences between the two are the acer had a 768p screen, 4gb ram and a 500gb hard drive, while the Dell has 1080p screen, 8gb ram and a 128gb SSD I am...
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    Minecraft Low FPS GT 940M.

    I own a ASUS X555LB Laptop. i5 5500 2core-4thread 2.4ghz / 8 GB LP RAM / GT 940M I have been trying everything to get some decent FPS on Minecraft and have failed every time. Nvidia drivers are up to date and Im using Win 10 Pro. I have a 1080p monitor hooked up to the notebook. On which I...