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  1. Aksheev

    Solved! Do I need to format my pc in order to install 64bit system?

    I just want to uprade my pc's ram from 2gb to 6gb(2gb+4gb).....when i went to nearest pc shop,they said that i need to get 64bit to use 6gb ram....I said ok just do it....they later told me that i need to format my pc in order to get 64bit system because there is not enough space(it has 50gb) in...
  2. C

    Repair Guy installed 32 Bit instead of 64 Bit...how big a deal is that?

    I've got this one guy I've been using for years. He's really not into anything to do with programming, he pretty much just want's to replace parts and reinstall software. So, I did a bunch of my own diagnostics didn't come up with much and took it in. Ran Diskcheck. Fixed some NON system files...
  3. C

    Minecraft Low FPS GT 940M.

    I own a ASUS X555LB Laptop. i5 5500 2core-4thread 2.4ghz / 8 GB LP RAM / GT 940M I have been trying everything to get some decent FPS on Minecraft and have failed every time. Nvidia drivers are up to date and Im using Win 10 Pro. I have a 1080p monitor hooked up to the notebook. On which I...

    AVG TuneUp 2015

    Hi guys, i have downloaded AVG TuneUp trial and i am experiencing Windows 7 Aero problems, i cannot go into invisibility with areo nor change the colors like i want to match my wallpaper, i don't even remember which settings i used for this to happen i know this is some sort of speedup tweak...
  5. M

    I found a program Called RazorGameBooster, is it trustworthy?

    I have low edge system and I have found this program that (from what I understood) shuts down (or suspends) parts of the OS while gaming to free CPU and ram for the game itself, reducing pessure from the system so it is more free to focus on the game, And by doing so getting better performance...