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    CPU upgrade for HM76 Socket 988B rPGA (HP Probook 6570b)

    I have an HP Probook 6570b. Socket is 988B rPGA. My current CPU is i5-3210M. I read this thread, and it got me thinking if I can also upgrade my Laptop CPU to i7 Quad. CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b If I had an QM77 Chipset, like he had, I would have tried it without question. But I...
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    CPU upgrade question Probook 6570b

    I recently picked up a Probook 6570b as a hackbook project. I got os x Seirra loaded and running on a 240gb SSD and have installed a 1TB HDD in the optical bay. The system board has non-upgradeable Intel HD 4000 graphics but I upgraded to 8GB RAM to help with this. The last possible upgrade...