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  1. Senpos

    Solved! Budget Headphones for Rock-music

    Hello. I am looking for headphones under $50. 90% of the time i will be listening to rock music on my PC with no external sound card. I have found so many good reviews about Superlux models, but i can't choose, there are to many of them. Most popular ■ Superlux HD668B (imp: 56) - $38 ■...
  2. B

    Superlux 668b HD wiring issue (no sound in one side)

    Hey, just earlier today my headphones randomly decided to stop working on one side. The other side works perfectly fine. I pried open the case and looked at the wiring, I believe I found something that might be wrong, but even if what I assume is correct, I still don't know what to solder it...