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  1. Thx4helping

    Correct price (Desktop PC Gaming/Rendering) i7-6800K(12Threads)64GB DDR4 Crucial , MSI X99 Sli+,GTX 1060 6GB SSD 240GB

    I got this computer a few months ago (at the end of september) brand new . The price was almost 3000 Pounds at that time from what i remember , what would you think would be a correct price for selling it now ? Removed by Moderator or you can search on ebay this item number ...
  2. sm1ley

    Most accurate CPU temperature measuring software?

    Hello, So i own an AMD A10 6800K APU paired with R7 250X Vapor-X 1GB My question is what is the most accurate software to check CPU temps? Because i dont want to restart my PC just to go to the Bios to check temps! HWMonitor says one temp ,AMD Overdrive other , Bios third! NOTE:The GPU temp is...