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  1. philly.a

    Question Is it possible to replace / repair my laptops GPU?

    I bought a custom gaming laptop in 2013 from Cyberpower UK. It lived a good life but around 6 months ago the GPU began failing, BSOD's, failing to boot etc which didnt resolve after driver resets... the laptop is functional only when the GPU device is disabled. I now use a desktop, but for the...
  2. S

    MSI GT60 0ne died please help.

    Hi, I have a MSI GT60 0ne that is out of warranty, barely. It just powered off while I was playing World of Tanks. When I tried to turn it back on the power light would come on for a split second then nothing. I let it cool down, checked the power cord to make sure everything was seated...
  3. A

    SAger 9150 Vs Alienware M17X R4

    Hello All, Long story short I bought the sager 9150 and had problems right out of the box. After troubleshooting figured out that its overheating and throttling the CPU so it doesn't melt. Going to fix it today by redoing the Thermal paste that I had to pay extra $$ for Sager to put on...