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  1. Depthcharger04

    Why does User Profile Service failed the logon happen and is there a way to prevent it?

    This happened recently why to my moms laptop. She has a windows 7. Did a virus and malware scan and found nothing but still showed User Profile Service failed the logon. Dont worry its fixed now by creating a new account but i would like to know if there is a way to prevent this User Profile...
  2. T

    Corsair Void Dolby 7.1 problem

    Hello all, I recently bought a corsair void rgb wired and I have turned on the 7.1 sound, but when I go into a game like CSGO or GTA, the sound switches back to stereo. When I alt+tab back to the desktop the sound goes back to 7.1. Anyway to fix this?
  3. T

    How to get COMPLETELY rid of virus ads!

    So, I have been getting bombarded with the 123srv.com ads. It happens about 75% of time when clicking on things on the interwebs. I seriously need to get rid of it! It didn't/doesn't happen on my laptop, so I really don't what the problem is. I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 7 if that helps.
  4. HAMMAD1900

    QUICK.. help about iso file and virus! help!

    Hello! (I have win 8) I will be doing. A clean install of windows ... In a matter of minutes I really want to save two Iso files(mw3) ... But as my PC is filled with viruses(reason of clean install) I want to know if a transfer it to my nexus 7 tab first will the virus come with...
  5. attacus

    Acer 6935 4GB to 8GB ram upgrade possible?

    Acer's website says that the 6935 and 6935g have a limit of 4GB ddr3 1066Mhz ram. However, the P45 chipset takes 8GB. Is there a surefire way to know if I can upgrade the ram without actually buying it? I have an unlocked bios version 1.20. The pictures shows a list of the menus that come with...