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    My laptop with i3 3217u Overheat and Underperforming

    I bought a laptop with this spec: i3 3217u 1,8ghz Geforce 740m 2gb Ram 2x4gb When i use it for gaming like Gta V, Fortnite, AC Liberation, my laptop get very hot with gpu 85 degree and cpu 91 degree. And usage: gpu 50% cpu 100% ram usage only 4gb at gta v and 2gb ac liberation When i see a...
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    Video card isnt working properly?

    So, i have recently came accros problem- i recently started playing battlefield 4 on my laptop, at the first 1-2 weeks it was working fine, but now, my videocard justs sometimes shuts off while im playing. I checked it by using EVGA Precisoion X, at the stat it runs on default clock speed at...
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    Laptop Nvidia GPU not found after bios update

    Hello everyone, I updated the BIOS from my Lenovo Ideapad Z710-00183 from 7FCN35WW to 7FCN96WW because the f4 key was always being registered as alt(or fn)-f4. After the update was done my resolution was stuck on a low resolution, so I updated my Intel graphic driver. The resolution went back...
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    Nvidia 740M intermittently not working

    I have been having an interesting issue with my Geforce GT 740m for the past few months. The card will work fine, then after playing a game or watching movies for a few hours (things that use the dedicated graphics over the intel integrated), the game will crash and I'll get a driver error in...
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    Lenovo Z510 i7 + nvida 740M OR Y510P i5 + single nvida 755m FOR GAMING?

    Hi, now I'm definitely choosing between those two, which one would be better for gaming? The first one has a better processor, the second - a better graphics card.. Which one would you recommend? Lenovo Z510 Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ (2.2 GHz, 3.2 GHz Turbo, 6 MB Cache) 8GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce GT...