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  1. S

    Upgrading my laptop charger to go with new GPU

    I recently upgraded my Alienware M17x R3 from a gtx 580m to a gtx 780m. After playing games and loving the results, I noticed frame drops. After testing, I noticed it's due to the new GPU throttling, and GPU-z reads it as a 'pwr' issue. I've taken this to mean that the power supply isn't...
  2. tha1

    Laptop with Geforce GTX 880M

    Hi, I'm currently looking to get a new laptop as my old one is passing the 6 year mark. As I game quite a bit, I would like to get another laptop as future proof as possible (albeit not easy with laptops). I was looking at laptops that have the new Geforce GTX 880M (such as the Asus ROG...
  3. D

    400 USD Difference between 780M and 770M. Will worth it?

    Hello my friends, I need your very urgent advice regarding performance and money. I will buy a notebook with GTX 770M graphics chip but relevant company also offers 780M version shy of 400USD extra cost. According to notebookcheck's review, performance gap around %35. Yes, is this difference...