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  1. K

    Geforce GTX 860m Code 43 in Windows 10 64-bit

    Since about an hour ago, my Geforce 860m has a yellow triangle next to its name in device manager, and the Geforce Experience icon on my taskbar is gone. Loading up Geforce Experience manually shows there is a new driver to install, but when I install it and restart my computer, it still says...
  2. N

    LAPTOP HELP 950M vs 860M ($20 difference)

    Hello i am looking at buying a laptop on the weekend and need help deciding which laptop is better to buy. the specs are pretty much the same and just wondering if i would be better off getting the one with the 860M for $25 more? 950M 2GB...
  3. I

    Gaming Laptop 750-1500

    Hi, I currently have a macbook air 2012 and am looking to upgrade to a gaming laptop. I love the portability, thinness and asethics but it and other apple laptops doent seem to have the horsepower I need. I already have a gaming desktop so this is just for gaming/school work while I travel...
  4. Annoyingnerds

    Is it powerful enough?

    So, I'm about to buy a new laptop it got a GTX 860m GPU, I just wonder if it's strong enough to play arkham knight in minimal settings.
  5. K

    GTX 860M 2GB or 960M 2GB/4GB

    I am buying Lenovo 50-70 but am confused which model to go for. GTX 860M 2GB model costs $929 GTX 960M 2GB model costs $1,149 GTX 960M 4GB model costs $1,249 Quest 1: Since there is a huge difference in the price of 860M 2GB & 960M 2GB model, Will 860M 2GB model serve the purpose of playing...
  6. T

    Help Me Choose A Laptop

    I am looking for a laptop that is capable of playing games like WoW and Diablo 3. I recently purchased a Acer Aspire with a i5 4210 that's running integrated 4400 graphics which I understand won't run WoW very well. I would like to play WoW on at least a high setting with view distance turned...
  7. K

    Msi GE60 Apache i7 GTX 850M or Msi ge70 GTX 860m i5 or Lenovo y50 GTX 860m i7? or Lenovo y50 GTX 860m i5?

    I cant decide which laptop to buy, I'm an architecture student and was wondering is getting the i7 or i5 makes difference in doing some CAD's and rendering stuff. and which laptop do you think fits best for me? MSI GE60 (i7 gtx850m)...
  8. N

    Lenovo y50 Opinions

    Hello i did recently post a thread about a gaming laptop opinion of a similar laptop but decided to go with the highest model available through Lenovo Its specs are GTX 860M Maxwell 4GB VRAM Intel Core i7-4700HQ 16GB RAM 512GB SSD If the laptop turns out good for gaming(which im asking you guys...