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    GT 940m 2gb vs GT 940m 4gb

    I am getting a laptop for mainly playing CSGO and other not high demanding games. I have already sweep through the tech part of the mall and have found 2 laptop that are the best for me. Specs : I7-5500u 940m 2gb 4gb ram (going to upgrade to 8) 1tb hard drive Specs: I5-6200u 940m 4gb 8gb ram...
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    Choosing Laptop with 940m

    I found a laptop with 940m : 1. lenovo u41-70 2. asus A/K/X555LB Those laptop have same spec (i5 5200, geforce 940m). But i'm not sure because : 1. when i buy lenovo, I worried about the battery, because in some review, it has a short battery life. But it has nice performance,and thermal...
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    Minecraft Low FPS GT 940M.

    I own a ASUS X555LB Laptop. i5 5500 2core-4thread 2.4ghz / 8 GB LP RAM / GT 940M I have been trying everything to get some decent FPS on Minecraft and have failed every time. Nvidia drivers are up to date and Im using Win 10 Pro. I have a 1080p monitor hooked up to the notebook. On which I...