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    Astro A40's vs Sennheiser Game One

    Both of these brands seem to be very popular and i've heard good things about both. I will not be buying the mixamp version of the a40's, just the headphones. The Sennheiser's are about $139 and the a40's are about $150. I want them to be comfortable, good for gaming, maybe some music every now...
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    Cheap Solution to PC and Console Audio into One Headset

    Hello, I want to have a setup where I can have my pc and console near eachother and go into one audio output. I have two monitors so if I'm playing a console game I want to be able to use my computer at the same time while being able to hear audio from both. I know there is the Turtle Beach ACU...
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    Astro A40 Static

    Hello, I've recently purchased the Astro A40s (around a year ago) and I've love them for many uses. But recently I've noticed that whenever I plug in my mic there is a very annoying static noise that disrupts me and also my friends that are in a skype call with me. It only happens whenever the...
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    Astro a40 no 7.1

    Hey guys, I just bought a pair of Astro A40s and I have been trying to get 7.1 to work. I have them plugged in to my Asus xonar DGX through optical connection and through the mixamp pro. However, I cannot change the sound output to more than 2 channels in the sound setting and therefore cannot...