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  1. B

    Should I get the lenovo g50-80 or the Toshiba Satellite C70D-B

    Lenovo: i5 5200u cpu Canadian Dollars Intel HD 5500 Graphics Card 8 GB ram 500GB Hard Drive $570 Toshiba: AMD A8-6410 cpu AMD Radeon R5 Graphics Card 8GB ram 1TB Hard Drive $330 Completely out my depth here, feel free to explain...
  2. R

    Need a BiG list of laptops that meet specific needs.

    First, I'll start off with brands. I don't want a Dell or Samsung for personal reasons. I prefer Asus but will buy others like HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Acer. These laptops need to be older models that can be found refurbished or used. These laptops MUST have doors and/or slots for easy access to...
  3. A

    How to fix AMD Laptop APU throttling when gaming

    READ THIS IF YOU WANT THAT FPS BOOST (HP Pavilion G7-2251dx and probably many other AMD laps based on A-x apu's) *This is for the A8-4500 apu but may also work for you* (depending on you laptop you may need to download AMD´s Overdrive in my case CCC wont allow me to tweak those options) Hey I...
  4. N

    Best Laptop Available for these specs?

    I need a laptop for university and need these specs: ■Touchscreen ■Windows 8 ■14" to 15.6" screen size ■i5, i7, A8, or A10 ■Backlit keyboard ■No SSD's (I heard they break down quickly) ■5+ hours of battery life ■Atleast 500 GB HDD ■Atleast 6 GB RAM ■Dual or Quad processor ■Should be able to...
  5. armanition

    AMD Trinity APU Gaming?

    (Hopefully I put this thread in the right category!) I just recently (last Sunday as of the date of this post) purchased an HP Envy m6-1205dx, which includes the AMD A10-4600M APU (and a Radeon HD 7660G GPU). For about the same price, I could've bought the same laptop, but with an Intel CPU in...