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  1. K

    Solved! Two tv's receiving different signals

    I have two tvs. One recently lost ABC signal, but not the other. I haven't touched the indoor antenna, but did try a rescan and that did not add it back. What could have caused this on one tv but not the other?
  2. G

    Solved! OTA ABC Lost

    ABC over the air not working in Indianapolis lost at 9am 1/2/19
  3. gtr22

    How to Tell if a tv Station is Blocking Vpn's?

    ABC doesn't stream live tv in my area yet. Windscribe free edition helps me watch from another localization. A few days ago it started giving an error message that I'm in another country and can't access their network. Actually using from MA. to NYC. Is there a way to see if it's ABC blocking...
  4. M

    Help please help

    My husband bought and antenna and we keep scanning the channels but we still can get 13 ABC.. What do we do now... Pleaee help
  5. J

    Solved! Get channel 8 on my insignia t v. with a radio dmshack amplified he antenna

    Cannot get ABC channel 8 on my insignia TV with a radio shack ampflied H TV antenna.
  6. A

    Only get ABC when it rains or snows .. why?

    I only get Local. Channel WHAS11 when it rains or snows...
  7. M

    Which service allowa Recording local channels

    Which service allows me to record NBC, CBS, ABC?
  8. S

    Has CBS quit broadcasting over the air waves in NYC?

    Has CBS quit broadcasting over the airwaves in NYC? I get ABC and NBC, and I used to get CBS, but now there is no signal on channel 2-1 at all. CBS is also not working with Direct TV and AppleTV. It seems they want to bother me with a separate subscription just for their one channel. What is...
  9. L

    how to get the correct letter when texting (abc); wanting b

    I am trying to text on my flip phone (LG) from verizon . How do I get the letter "b" when texting from the (ABC) button on phone??
  10. T

    get abc but canot get cbs nbc or fox

    Have a mohu antenna
  11. M

    how do i turn off the ABC pop up when pressing the CapsLock button?

    This really lags the game for some unknown reason ,my laptop is Lenovo Y720 and i'm not sure if this thread is in the right place
  12. C

    Digital antennas stopped picking up ABC and NBC

    I have two TVs -- a Visio (2014) and a Samsung (2013) in different rooms. They each have their own RCA digital antenna and have worked fine until the evening of April 21, 2017. They both stopped picking up ABC and NBC. I moved the antennas around, but no luck on either TV. I did a channel scan...
  13. James Gregory

    Error Message ABCDEF

    Hello, I have had this error message now for about 7 months. Reinstalled windows 10 did not fix it, I have Avast and Windows Def. They are not picking up anything. ABC DEF Error Box (asked Microsoft in short they don't know what it is) So the error message...
  14. winoni71

    Create folders when archiving (RAR)

    Is there a way, when creating a WinRAR (I'm currently using version 5.31) archive split into volumes, to also create a folder with the original file name, in which all the volumes are automatically placed in? Like this: Original file: "" Archive split into volumes: "abc.part01.rar"...
  15. H

    1 channel working on 1 tv but not other with antenna

    We have 1 antenna hooked up to 2 tvs. On 1 tv our abc station comes in perfectly but not on the other TV which keeps getting weak/no signal and cutting out. We have tried moving the antenna but no luck. All other stations work with no issues. Any ideas?
  16. G

    I have lost ABC network on my 10 year old tv. This is the only channel that went off the tv. I use a indoor antenna and all

    My Sanyo flat screen tv is 10 years old and works fine until one day my ABC network left and I cannot get that channel back. I reset the scan and rescanned the channels back in and still no ABC network. All other channels still come in. Will a tv remove a channel?
  17. edward78

    Play Staion Vue?

    Does it have all the main OTA networks? (abc/cbs/nbc/fox/pbs)
  18. A

    All channels are not getting Tuned

    TV not picking up signal for channels, I can see Ten, ABC, TVS tuned, but not ONE, Nine, Seven channels are not getting scanned. What could be the issue, I'm using LAPD antenna fixed on the top of the roof at my home. I'm using Sony LCD Bravia TV. Please HELP
  19. Q

    get regular channels with a roku

    II want to know the best way to get abc cbs nbc etc i have roku 3 my roomate is taking direct i do not want a 2 year contract i think roku should include local channels free of charge it would increase sales and take place of what i need??When purchased looked said redbox included for a fee.its...
  20. M

    two of my local channels have lost signal CBS NBC, ABC is Ok

    Charlotte NC two local channels for my digital antenna now say no signal CBC, NBC. ABC is OK
  21. B

    How to make a a .ABC file? Help

    So for class i need to make a .abc o have the code in txt and everything but how do i make in to .abc now????? Please help VERYYYY APRECIATED
  22. G

    ABC Online TV Shows to Require Pay TV Subscriptions

    You'll have to prove you pay to watch free TV. ABC Online TV Shows to Require Pay TV Subscriptions : Read more