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    Opinion about the Acer VX5

    I'm planning to acquire the Acer VX5 with the following specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ 2.5 GHz (ate 3.5 GHz) GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5 RAM: 8 GB For about 800-900EUR. Depends on the day of the purchase, since it wavers back and forth. If I'm lucky, i can acquire the same laptop...
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    Antennas and broadcast markets

    I'm cutting the cord and researching antennas and markets, Currently it is only giving me stations for my zip code state , but I live on a state line. Do I have to do anything different to acquire signals/stations from my next door state? Oh, what is the actual distance you can get on the...
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    Building High End Laptop

    I am an art student hoping to acquire a laptop that will last me the next four years + . I need something with a good, high res screen that can handle my drawing programs, video editing, audio editing, flash animation, browsing, etc, so it needs to be pretty heavy duty. I've heard that...
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    Folder lock question.

    The program Folder lock I saw got very good reviews. When going to buy it i cant find an official website. All i find are mass downloading sites and torrents. Can someone please point me to where to purchase/acquire this program from an official source?
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    How to Get Pets in The Sims FreePlay

    Just like in real life, The Sims FreePlay offers players the opportunity to acquire pets like cats and dogs. Individual sims can interact with pets from their earliest stages. Still, there is a method to obtaining a pet. Follow these simple steps to help your sims acquire a new one. Step 1 The...
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    Surface Pro 3 i5 256gb vs Surface Pro 3 i3 + Custom Desktop

    Hello all! I am a college bound student looking to acquire some new fancy tech. I am considering the Surface Pro 3 i5 256gb or a Surface Pro 3 i3 to accompany an new custom desktop that I would build with remaining funds. My total budget is roughly $1500. Any suggestions or experience would be...
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    FUJITSU AMILO LI 3710 Screen replacement help?

    I have an old FUJITSU AMILO LI 3710 that has a broken screen, I want to replace this but do not want to take it to a shop as I have been quoted up to £120. What I want to know where is the cheapest place I can acquire a new screen that will work. it seems to have a golden/silver connection cable...