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  1. javedaslam

    Question Are digital cameras better than analog cameras?

    I am looking for the best camera for photography. Would you tell me which camera is the best to buy? Digital or Analog Camer?
  2. Z

    What to choose?

    Hey, i have started a YouTube channel and have been looking for some time at purchasing a good camera. I am wanting an Action Camera and a Camcorder/DSLR. I am so lost in what to choose there are just so many options! I have used a Fuji Film S4300 and do like the quality, but I don't like the...
  3. andrewj1999

    Need Good Waterproof Video Camera

    I need a Video Camera for filming underwater. I want one that is reliable and has good reviews. I would prefer one with a screen. It needs to be under $100 but I can go up to $150 for a REALLY good one. I would like it to have 1080p and I would prefer one that has a housing so that I do not...