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    Solved! Phones

    Can I reactivate a deactivated old phone
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    Office 2007 Activation Problem

    I uninstalled office 2007 from an older computer and reinstalled it on my new computer. It accepted the product key. When I ran Word, it asked me to activate the install, but I got an error. It said I had exceeded my available activations, even though I had just uninstalled office from another...
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    office 2013 activation failed

    a friend's computer got "activation failed" message all of the sudden. why does this happen, and what is the solution? I told him to try the office "repair" tool, but it didn't help. running on windows 10. I think the product was activated with a MAK key, which is supposed to be permanent...
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    iPad 3 16 GB activation help

    I recently purchased a used iPad 3 16 GB (White). The previous owner reset it so now when I turn it on it goes into setup mode and after wi-fi setup it asks for iCloud activation which I can't do since I don't have the previous owner's account. The previous owner won't return my calls or reply...