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  1. K

    Cloud Server Options - Windows AD, Profiles, etc

    Hello everyone! My question today is a general question. I need your input on a best solution for a growing small business. Currently, there are 13 employees... all with macOS as the daily driver. I'm trying to change this but it seems a battle long-lost on the company. But... I am trying to...
  2. B

    Is there a better way to change folder permissions?

    Alright everyone, So I have an absurd task ahead of me; I need to remove and add groups for permissions to about 40,000 folders... I have gotten through about 4,000, and there just has to be a better/easier/faster way to do this. So what I have been doing is right clicking on the folder, going...
  3. T

    Drive Pool vs Drive Bender

    Hi, I am about to set up a Windows Server, and owuld prefer to use on of the drive tools listed above, this is because I like the idea of only having certain folders duplicated. It would be great if I could get a good opinion from some people on which one I should use. I want to have two pools...
  4. C

    DC synchronizing problem with AD Utility

    I have 2 DC in my environment DC1 and DC2 which are synchronized and when any change is done in DC1 it takes time to update in DC2 I have tried third party utility vendor and add DC2 in that software but problem still there it taking many hours to update in DC2 while change done in DC1 both...
  5. L

    C# help

    Alright had another thread but closed it to make a fresh one. I have multiple problems but going to take them on 1 at a time. First problem I am accessing my Active Directory and producing all the CN (user names). I want to also produce their email addresses(MAIL). For some reason when pulling...
  6. L

    Active Directory C# help

    Hello All, Writting a new C# program to replace a very old VBS file. Pretty much the program will go through our AD and get all the users and their emails and put it in a CSV file. I found some basic code and ran it and I think it worked because I saw a huge list in the console but when it was...
  7. L

    Authenticated users group

    Hello, I'm trying to use windows Authenticated users to access an application metadata. I have added the goup to a network share which is metadata location, user can access to the share, but could not logon to the application. But I have an Active director group has the same access as the...
  8. J

    Backup Software

    Hi all, Can someone please tell me the best backup software to back up a server together with the OS and Active Directory. The OS is Windows Server 2008. Thanks in advance
  9. G

    My vbs don't work using AD

    Hello, i apologize for my English. my problem is than i have write a vbs which add or remove printers on local machine but when I'm hosted that on my active directory this script don't apply when a user log on on machine. someone can help me.
  10. mr_disco

    Excel and active directory

    Hi, so I am still pretty new to Active Directory and have run into some issue. The person who created our AD list, is no longer with us, and I have been opted into taking it over. There is NO personal data in our AD, address, phones, etc... which I want to add. Now is there a way to take an...
  11. G

    Permission to reset, unlock user, etc...

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.active_directory, (More info?) I would like to give certain low level admin permissions to a couple of people. Access to reset passwords, unlock an account, etc. What permission and where should I...
  12. B

    Unlock acct permissions

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.active_directory (More info?) What permissions are necessary for a user to be able to unlock an account or reset a password. I have an MMC created for user to reset passwords (will this fix an account lockout?) in an OU. I have the user added...