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    New Gaming Laptop HELP!... MSI GT70 Dominator vs. Sager NP9377 (Clevo P377SM-A)

    So I have decided to go with XOTICPC for my first Gaming laptop. I have been a console gamer for some time and am not impressed with where the new systems are going. I am trying to make this a really decent laptop that will play the latest games and last a long time. I have asked the people at...
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    Pls suggest which to buy

    Hi Experts, Kindly advise... I am looking at i5 (3rd gen) + min 4 gb ram + 320GB or more Hard disk + graphics with 1 gb dedicated. My budget is 35K to 40/42K. I am currently in Mumbai India. I know that all these laptop brands are not manufacturers, and laptops are manufactured by Taiwan...