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  1. B

    Where can I get a free lessons on Java?

    I'm moving in U.S and planning to enroll in University on Programming courses. My experience in this field so far was one year highschool/Webdesign college where I learned about HTML and started to watch some lessons online such as free curses from Washington university But they were teaching...
  2. A

    Visual Basic Importing and reading a random line from a csv file

    I hope I posted this in the correct category, I chose the best one for my problem in my opinion. I am writing a program in visual basic which is rather simplistic for the most part, what I need it to do is to read from a csv file and then choose a line from that csv file at random. there are...
  3. X

    Best code to get started with programming.

    Hello, In short, I am currently working a low wage job in order to go back to school at some point in the future. I'm a biology major, therefore, I am looking to learn some programming while I am off school. I'm currently trying to make my way through the CS50x/Intro to computer science...
  4. D

    Java core programming problem...

    Now here is the java program: class Figure{ double dim1; double dim2; Figure(double a,double b){ dim1=a; dim2=b; } double area(){ System.out.println("Area is undefined."); return 0; } } class Rectangle extends Figure{ Rectangle(double a,double b){ super(a,b); } double area(){...
  5. U

    i have imported my data into acces but i am still having difficulty to apend this reords into exting tables in my access datab

    I have a lot of data in excel and its coming to point where I cant easily report so I am trying import this data into access which can be easier to manage. where I can easily generate weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
  6. ivideo1011

    How to make an Android App?

    I want to create an Android app, but I can't find any updated tutorials. Is there a simple tutorial that I could use? I'm really interested in developing apps, I even started taking Java classes because of it. I just don't know where to start.
  7. Y

    Restore deleted photos

    Hey, I'd accidentally deleted some photos I'd captured using camera 360 in my android phone. Is there any way to restore those photos?! Help me please!! Thanks.