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    Looking For A Decent Rig, Alienware Seems Promising, But Alpha Or Traditional Desktop

    Okay it may not be laptop specific but i did not see a desktop category. I'm looking for a decent Gaming Rig that would be portable and not too expensive. So of course i must ask about the Alienware Alpha, sitting at Wal-Mart with a nice $559.00 price tag. Obviously its not some PC master race...
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    Attemping to Revive a aging/dead laptop

    I just bought an on-sale alienware alpha with the 500gb hdd and I bought a 250gb ssd to install in it. With the old hdd, I figured I'd try to install it in my old dead laptop that died when I dropped it when it was running and broke the hard drive inside of it... My alpha works great, created...
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    "Camera Error" Sony A37 Please Help

    Hello everyone, While I was out. My Sony Alpha A37 suddenly displayed "Camera Error" I tried turning it on and off. Nothing has worked so far. I have checked lots of google links. Thank you :)